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Narmada Clean Tech . (NCT) formerly known as Bharuch Eco Aqua Infrastructure Ltd. (BEAIL) is a company, subsidiary of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). GIDC is a statutory corporation and 100% owned by Govt. of Gujarat. NCT is also jointly promoted by Member Industries of Ankleshwar, Jhagadia and Panoli Industrial Estates. The objective is to receive treated industrial effluent from Ankleshwar, Jhagadia & Panoli Industrial Estates and to polish it at Final Effluent Treatment Plant (FETP) upto marine standards and then to convey deep into the sea. Effluent is being discharged through scientifically designed diffusers at ocean outfall point, wherein instantaneous dispersion and tremendous dilution are exist. Synergistic combination of “Treatment Technology” and “Discharge Technology” is adopted to treat pollutants.

The present plant capacity is 60 MLD.
A separate exclusive conveyance system of 15 MLD is being set up for Jhagadia Industrial Estate.

VC & MD - GIDC is the Chairman of NCT (Ex-Officio).

Ever since the issues of Environment Protection become a priority agenda across the world, Indian Government & Gujarat Government have joined the international community in its commitment towards Environment Protection Program. The priority accorded to control of Environmental pollution is evident from the number of pollution control acts enacted along with rules and regulations. Keeping the spirit and intent of these policies, implementation at ground level is the major challenge.

Prior to commencement of this project, treated effluent from three industrial estates were disposing off into a natural creek namely Amlakhadi leading to Narmada Estuary. Objection was raised by local population and NGOs against disposal of effluent and subsequently High court has intervened and directed to stop the disposal of effluent into Amlakhadi. Afterwards in high level Committee Meeting chaired by ACS, it was decided to treat effluent up to marine standard and to release into Gulf of Khambhat beyond Narmada Estuarine Zone. NCT was set up to honor the directives given by the High Court.

The Final Effluent Treatment Plant (FETP) is spread over more than 3,00,000 sq. meters of land, has treatment capacity of 60,000 m3 per day (60 MLD). More than 75000 trees are planted to cover bare land. Facility was commissioned in December, 2006 at the cost of `131 crores to treat 40,000 m3 per day (40 MLD) of effluent using conventional biological treatment. Facility was enhanced by 20,000 m3 per day (20 MLD) at an additional cost of `35 crores taking total project cost to `166 crores.

The continual improvement projects includes addition of preprimary clarifies to reduce carry over of suspended solids, installation of additional decanters for solid removal, installation of culture tank for sustainable development of microbes, installation of filter press for reducing moisture content in dewatered slurry, installation of triton aspiration aerators to maintain Dissolved Oxygen content, etc. Study of Technical feasible & economically viable technologies to reduce COD namely Electro coagulation, ozonation, Ultrasonic sound, RO, etc. are in progress.

As ultimate receiving body is sea, post marine surveys were conducted (Environmental impact assessment study) by NIO/CSMCRI/NEERI in November – 2007, April – 2010 and April – 2012 respectively. Surveys concluded that status of water/sediment quality at and nearby ocean outfall point is totally intact and characteristics found similar to that of base line data. Aquatic life observed totally unaffected.

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